individuality and emotional self-sufficiency

Alternative Title: “Me, Me, Me!”

I went to see Malia’s Johnstone’s Dark Tourists on Saturday night. It is a complex, stimulating, funny, dark, beautiful show, and if you get the chance to see it I highly recommend that you do. One idea it raises is that we all take our individuality, our uniqueness and our selves, a little bit too seriously and that we focus on these things too much – at the expense of other people, social harmony and the environment, among other things. This idea has been popping back into my mind over and over since I saw the show and especially just now when I was hunting for a friend on Facebook. Trawling through the many, many profiles of people who have the same name as my friend, I found myself thinking that we all do place ourselves at the centre of our own special universes these days and that technology like Facebook encourages us to do so.

I do realise the irony of raising this issue in my very own weblog!

Also catalysed by my experience of watching Dark Tourists, I have lately been questioning one of my basic assumptions in life, that is, that I am able to be self-sufficient if I choose to be. I don’t mean self-sufficiency in the material sense so much as in an emotional and spiritual sense. For a long time I have operated with the basic assumption that, if it came down to it, I could take care of my own emotional and spiritual needs, thank you very much. I guess this is a sort of ‘back up plan’ in case everyone I love suddenly abandons me – more on the origins of that paranoid delusion in a future post perhaps! Now, you know how you sometimes know that something isn’t true, but you believe in it anyway? Well, I think that this particular untrue belief of mine is starting to change. I will record the consequences, as and when they emerge…


4 thoughts on “individuality and emotional self-sufficiency

  1. Lovely to see some more from you Sparrow (though I guess you are slowly blowing your own cover).

    I would write something similarly deep, but my brain has mostly turned off, so I won’t. But I feel that because we experience the world from ourselves (though art can take us out of ourselves and into other people), it’s inevitable that we should be the centres of our own worlds to some extent.

    And rest assured that not everyone you love, and who loves you, will abandon you. Most likely none of them will!


  2. I know what you mean, Helen my dear. We are the centres of our own worlds – unavoidably and (I hope) unashamedly so – but maybe it is more that we try to make “The World” acknowledge that somehow. A natty metaphor just came to me: we are each our own planets and need to take care of ourselves and be aware of our own significance, but we also need to make sure that we don’t start acting like little suns and expect all the other planets to revolve around us (though some revolving, from select other planets, is always nice!)

    I know what you mean, I think I am totally blowing my cover. Not that the Sparrow was really meant as cover. He rather seems to have a life of his own – in my mind at least.

  3. Giant Sparrow, I only just now realised that you flew across the blogosphere in late February! My apologies for being so unobservant – please don’t leave it too long before launching your next flight of fancy.

  4. Hi Tim

    No need for apologies! I am still far from a regular blogger, so I don’t expect people to be watching out for my next installment. That said, I do hope to get something new up very soon, now that the craziness of working on Sleep/Wake has come to a close.

    It sounds like there are lots of submissions coming in for your issue of JAAM magazine – very exciting!

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