recipe for happy place


1 sunny winter day

2c People’s Coffee

1 crossword

2 sq 80% dark choc


1 ‘i luv u 2 bits n pieces mum’

Stir & hum

sam and dave’s hold on, i’m comin’ (live, extended)

For best results, wear

1 gold frock

2 high heels


1 pair apple PJs


1 pair rainbow stripe socks

While stirring, think of

ALL the people you love, at home and abroad, even the ones you hate

top 3 favourite stories of all time

Then mutter

that’s the sound of sunshine, that’s the sound of sunshine

i wandered lonely as a cloud…

i’m a free bitch, baby!

Et bien voila, votre petites madeleines de saveur de ‘happy place’ sont finies – mangez-les!

Explanatory note

I was getting really sick of my latest post being 18 months old and entitled ‘Exhaustion’.

Happy baking!


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