individuality and emotional self-sufficiency

Alternative Title: “Me, Me, Me!”

I went to see Malia’s Johnstone’s Dark Tourists on Saturday night. It is a complex, stimulating, funny, dark, beautiful show, and if you get the chance to see it I highly recommend that you do. One idea it raises is that we all take our individuality, our uniqueness and our selves, a little bit too seriously and that we focus on these things too much – at the expense of other people, social harmony and the environment, among other things. This idea has been popping back into my mind over and over since I saw the show and especially just now when I was hunting for a friend on Facebook. Trawling through the many, many profiles of people who have the same name as my friend, I found myself thinking that we all do place ourselves at the centre of our own special universes these days and that technology like Facebook encourages us to do so.

I do realise the irony of raising this issue in my very own weblog!

Also catalysed by my experience of watching Dark Tourists, I have lately been questioning one of my basic assumptions in life, that is, that I am able to be self-sufficient if I choose to be. I don’t mean self-sufficiency in the material sense so much as in an emotional and spiritual sense. For a long time I have operated with the basic assumption that, if it came down to it, I could take care of my own emotional and spiritual needs, thank you very much. I guess this is a sort of ‘back up plan’ in case everyone I love suddenly abandons me – more on the origins of that paranoid delusion in a future post perhaps! Now, you know how you sometimes know that something isn’t true, but you believe in it anyway? Well, I think that this particular untrue belief of mine is starting to change. I will record the consequences, as and when they emerge…